Petr Eben
Piano Trio, Piano Quintet, String Quartet

"It’s a sound world that constantly eludes categorisation, nowhere more obviously than in its emotional colouring…The Martinů Quartet give all three works the flexibility they demand, tracing their angular contours like a musical cardiogram…There is real vigour and enthusiasm here."
GRAMOPHONE, October 2017

The Martinů Quartet and Karel Košárek deliver gripping and polished performances of these wonderfully compelling scores, and I would urge those with an interest in 20th Century chamber music to give them a try. The sound quality cannot be faulted, and instrumental balance is ideal, showcasing these works at their very best.” MusicWeb Intrnational, October 2017
Sergey Taneyev
Complete Quintets

Piano Quintet in G minor, Op.30
String Quintet in G major, Op.14
String Quintet in C major, Op.16

The string quintets emerge as near-orchestral giants, hard to categorise.
The finest performance here is undoubtedly the perfectly integrated sound of piano a strings.
Thousand thanks to the Martinůs and thein colleagues for enlightenment.
BBC Music Magazine May 2015

It (Piano Quintet) is a very appealing work, sensitively understood and played here,
as are the two string quintets.

Taneyevʼs music holds such a spell that it got hold of me on the first listening. 
The recording of Taneyevʼs quintets is precious, both in choice of material and 
in its rendering, and rightly deserves to be the Editorʼs Choice.

HARMONIE March 2015

listen to BBC3 Review on CD Taneyev (below)

Antonín Dvořák 
String Quartet No.14 in A flat major (op.105) [B.193]

String Quartet No.13 in G major (Op.106) [B.192]

This new reading would be hard to better, too, bringing playing of fire, energy and intelligence from these players, who seem totally at one with the work and play it with reverential concern with even the smallest detail of attack, phrasing and dynamics. It is played with enormous panache and relish by Martinu Quartet. INTERNATIONAL RECORD REVIEW, January 2012

Once again it is the positive, ever optimistic Dvořák that we sense in this music and the players here convey a sense of joie de vivre while always giving due weight to the music, pacing reflective moments and passages of increased intensity without losing the sense and momentum in those pages. The contribution of the booklet note writer has no bearing upon my enthusiasm for tese performances! Surely the Martinů Quartet must now rank as a leader among the middle generation of fine Czech quartet and worthy to follow in the Bohemian, Smetana and Panocha quartet in line. DVOŘÁK SOCIETY NEWSLETTER, October 2012

František Škroup 
String Quartet No.1 in F major, Op.24
String Quartet No.2 in C minor, Op.25
String Quartet No.3 in G major, Op.29

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Quintet for clarinet and string quartet, KV 581

Ludwig van Beethoven

String Quartet No. 10 in E flat, Op. 74 (Harp)

Antonín Dvořák
String Quintet in E flat major Op.97 (B 180)
String Sextet in A major Op.48 (B80)
Frédéric Chopin
Piano Concerto No.1 E minor - piano quintet version
Antonín Dvořák
Piano Quintet No.2 A Major Yoshihiro Kondo - piano
Jean Francaix
Quintette No 2 pour Flute, Trio a cordes et Harpe
Charles Bordes
Suite Basque - World premiere recording
Vincent d'Indy
Suite en paries pour Flute obligée, Violion, Alto, Violoncelle et Harpe
Gabriel Pierné
Voyage au "Pays du Tendre"
André Jolivet
Chant de Linos
SPERSONIC AWARD of Pizzicato/Classics in Luxembourg
Bohuslav Martinů
String Quartet No.1 (1918)
String Quartet No.2 (1925)
Tři jezdci (Three Horsemen)
Bohuslav Martinů
String quartet No.3
String quartet No.6
Duo for violin and violoncello
Three madrigals for violin and viola
Bohuslav Martinů
String quartet No.4
String quartet No.5
String quartet No.7
Bohuslav Martinů
Piano quintet No.1
Piano quintet No.2
Sonata for Two Violins and Piano
Antonín Dvořák
Piano quintet No.1 in A major, op.5
Piano quintet No.2 in A major, op.81
Tomáš Svoboda
String quartet No. 1
String quartet No. 2
String quartet No. 3
String quartet No. 4
Elliot Miles McKinley 
String Quartets Nos. 4-6
Sylvie Bodorová
Terezín Ghetto Requiem
Concerto de Estio for guitar and string quartet
Ronald Stevenson
Voces vagabundae
Maurice Ravel
String quartet F-dur
Arthur Honegger
String quartet No.2
Bohuslav Martinů
Serenade for violin, viola, violoncello and two clarinets
W.A.Mozart & R.Stallman: New QUINTETS for Flute and Strings
Quintet in C, K521
Quintet in F, K497
Quintet in C, K358
Leoš Janáček
String quartet No.1 'Kreutzer sonata'
String quartet No.2 'Intimate letters'
Antonín Vranický
String quartet in D major
String quartet in F major
String quartet in A major
Antonín Vranický
String quartet in E flat major
String quartet in C major
String quartet in G major
Bedřich Smetana
String quartet No.1 in e minor "From my life"
Antonín Dvořák
String quartet F major "American"
Six concertante quartets op.4
String Quartets
Josef Mysliveček
František Xaver Richter
František Kramář
Jakub Jan Ryba
Maurice Ravel
Introduktion and Allegro for harp, flute, clarinet and string quartet
Marcel Tournier
Images for harp and string quartet Martinů Quartet
Viktor Ullmann
String quartet No. 3
Artur Honegger
String quartet No.2